MBG Govt. College

Pojewal, Distt. SBS Nagar, Punjab

Welcome to Maharaj Bhuriwale Garibdass Govt College Pojewal

Dear Students,
It gives me an immense pleasure to convey my feelings to you through our college website. Ever since I look here as a Principal I felt fascinated by the natural surrounding of the college. Situated at the bottom of semi-shivalik hills it presents an exceedingly beautiful look. Indubitably it is an invaluable gift from Maharaj Bhuriwale Ji to people of this ilaqa.
The institution like this come into being not for nothing. You being the custodian and part and parcel of this college must strive and prove your worth in an earnest manner to add its beauty, glory and strength and thus contributing to the realization of the sublime vision of Maharaj Bhuriwale Ji i.e. serving humanity. You need to bear this hard fact in your mind that self growth is a prerequisite before going in for serving the society. Hence I would invite your attention to the challenges you are going to face especially in the wake of tough competition at the global level.